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The Salati Story

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While sauntering through the rustic Italian streets of his grandfather’s homeland, the founder, TC and his wife fell in love with an incredibly unique and insanely delicious street food…the Piadina.  The vendors topped warm flatbread with savory meats, vegetables, cheeses, and sauces.  The aroma alone was amazing but the taste….the taste was to die for!  After returning home it became their mission to recreate this culinary masterpiece and share it with their friends.  Their idea kept growing and Salati Italian Street Food was born.  Salati starts in our open, theatre style kitchen with you customizing your meal just the way you want it.  Salati is a place to grab a delicious meal to go, or sit and enjoy. 


It’s a place to relax with family and friends, share a smile, and break bread.  Warm Italian bread.

Salati Italian Street Food.

Salati means savory.